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Calling all cat owners in the Southampton area! Do you go away and have to leave your precious furry friend behind? Then let me introduce Pawfect Kitty Sitter to you.

It can be worrying when you have to go away and trust a friend or neighbour to pop in and look after your cat – or cats! Maybe there is no-one you can call on to help out when you go away. Pawfect Kitty Sitter is the ideal answer to your problem.

Pawfect Kitty Sitter is an experienced cat sitter, with the necessary knowledge to administer medication if your cat requires it. The home care service provided includes:

  • Feeding
  • Ensuring drinking water is always fresh and topped up
  • Attending to the cleaning and replacing of litter in the litterbox
  • Cleaning up after your cats
  • Administering any medication
  • paying close attention to detail
  • Making sure that any of the little details that keep your cats happy are attended to

Administering medication is one element of care that Pawfect Kitty Sitter specialises in providing. All types of medication can be managed, with no premium charge added!

  • Oral medication such as pills and liquids
  • Ointments, ear drops and eye drops
  • Visits to the vet (this would incur additional costs for time and fuel)

…are all possible when your cat is being looked after by Pawfect Kitty Sitter. Senior cats and cats with special care needs will be very well looked after. If you have more than one cat, then do not worry as they will all be cared for perfectly.

Pawfect Kitty Sitter aims to provide the very best cat sitting and home care for cat owners in the Southampton area. You can be assured that your home is safe and secure and will be treated with respect while they are in charge of your cats. Pawfect Kitty Sitter will give your cats love and attention, play with them and give them cuddles when you are away. Your cat may need some brushing or grooming and Pawfect Kitty Sitter is experienced in both and will happily give your cat the attention it needs.

The first contact Pawfect Kitty Sitter will make is a free meet and greet session at your home. By spending time with your cats and yourself Pawfect Kitty Sitter will soon establish exactly what are your cats’ needs and how they normally behave and whether they have a routine. Detailed questions will determine what specific needs your cats have, so please answer fully to ensure the best care possible in your absence. Cats are well known for having their little preferences and foibles. Pawfect Kitty Sitter will need to know exactly what they are to ensure your cats have no stress while you are away.

Pawfect Kitty Sitter will keep you up-dated when you are away and will do so in whichever way you want. Pawfect Kitty Sitter will even take photographs of your cats and send them to you via social media while you are away.

If you live in the Southampton area and are looking for a cat sitter, then please contact Pawfect Kitty Sitter. You won’t regret doing so, and neither will your cats!

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